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Rahul Gandhi goes to Bank to exchange money: Returns back without exchanging it as nobody helps him in filling bank forms

12, Nov 2016 By Gaurav Mittal

New Delhi. Yesterday Rahul Gandhi had gone to State Bank Of India (SBI) Parliament house branch to exchange Rs. 4000 in old 1000 rupees denominations and in the process to understand and politicize highlight the problems common man is facing due to long queues and waiting time in banks.

The inconvenience caused to people is similar to congestion and traffic jam faced by people when a flyover is constructed to help the people in future.

Rahul Gandhi even offered even '1000 rupees' whoever fills up form for him!
Thinking that everything can be bought by money,  Rahul Gandhi even offered even ‘1000 rupees’ to whoever fills up form for him!

Rahul arrived at SBI in his Range rover car and stood in the queue for as long as 30 seconds during which media, people in queue and bank staff clicked almost 3000 pics and selfies with Rahul. Though it was widely reported in news that common man is facing lot of problems in banks, no one has reported whether Rahul was able to successfully exchange Rs. 4000.

Now we have come to know from our sources (our sources are as good as those of Arvind Kejriwal) that Rahul Gandhi returned back without exchanging the money in bank as nobody helped him in filling bank forms. Apparently, Rahul has never been to a bank or ATM in the past and was clueless about the procedure followed there. The 4000 rupees he was carrying was given to him by Sonia Gandhi. He was carrying a pencil instead of a pen to fill the form.

Rahul was hopeful that someone will definitely help him in exchanging money as he belongs to the most famous family of India. But to his surprise no one volunteered to guide him and all were just busy in clicking selfies with him. Absence of Ajay Maken or jyotiraditya scindia by his side also made things worse.

Pawan Kumar, manager of SBI’s Parliament house branch said, “Usually we help our customers in filling forms if they are unable to do so but in this case we were pretty sure that Shri Rahul Gandi can do so by himself. I will request him to visit our branch again and I would make sure he is able to exchange the money”

Few private banks such as ICICI bank who are desperately sending hundreds of SMSes to people asking them to visit its branches so that it can increase its deposits and improve its financial health have come forward to provide a cash on delivery services to Rahul Gandhi. Similarly, Paytm has tweeted “Paytm karo” to Rahul Gandhi.

In its official response BJP said, “Rahul should be thankful to PM Modi because of whom Rahul visited a bank for the first time in his lifetime”.