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Rahul Gandhi gate crashes press conference for Republic Day preparations, terms constitution unconstitutional

29, Nov 2013 By Ashish Kedia

In a not-so-shocking development in the national capital, yesterday Rahul Gandhi barged midway in the press conference called for to announce the preparations of republic day and much to everyone amuse called Constitution unconstitutional.

Rahul Gandhi
Unconventional leader.

Officer In charge of Event suffers heart attack for reasons unknown

Though the nation was shocked to see a visibly baffled Chief Event Officer, sitting besides Rahul Gandhi. He was announcing the itinerary of upcoming grand national fiesta to mark the anniversary of Indian republic when Rahul took away the mic. He later also reported a mild heart-attack and was admitted to Vadra’s All India Institute of Medical Science (VAIIMS). The reason of his amazement and shock is yet to be established though it has been noted that he was from some distant state and has recently learned Hindi. This was his first occasion of hearing Rahul Gandhi Speak.

Many Congress Leaders Claim They Always Thought So, Present Cases Against them As Proof.

After the press conference in morning congress leaders were seen jumping fences to  arrange a press conference and get their agreement over the issue heard by the party high-command. Over 73% of Party MLA’s and MP’s presented reports of pending criminal and civil case against them and said they never-ever had any belief in the constitution but it required a visionary like Rahul Gandhi to give words to their thoughts.

Huge Upsurge in Complaints, Temporary Police Booths Set up

Reportedly other 27% MLA and MP’s have asked their supporters to get high number of cases registered against them. There is also high pressure over police officers to register post dated cases Also in order to cater to the rush for filling complaints, congress ruled states have announced  setting up of a permanent police booth in every MLA and MP house. The idea is that aggrieved people can complain then and their itself of any discrepancies by the leaders.

Digvijay Says Proud of My Student, Will Go Far Ahead

Appreciating Rahul Gandhi for his out-of-line thinking Digvijay Singh said,” From the very first day I heard about Constitution I knew it was not right, Its name itself starts from C that stands for Communalism, and I am confident there is RSS behind it. Today Rahul Ji have made me proud, I will ensure he goes far far ahead, I congratulate him”. On being told that congratulate also started from C, he grinned and informed that Sonia Ji has used this word once and gave it a secular affiliation.

Mean While a hurriedly formed group of 176 renowned scientists of the world had offered to build a rocket to mars overnight if Digvijay ji is sure about sending Rahul Ji so far. Digvijay Refuted this by saying “Saabu Lives on Jupiter why would Rahul Ji be interested in Going To Mars Instead”.