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Rahul Gandhi found crying on phone after Kumar Vishwas' speech in Amethi

22, Jan 2014 By vibhas

It is now few months left for 2014 Lok Sabha elections and all the parties are gearing up for their upcoming challenge with different strategies. Some experience success in their strategies while others endeavour failure.

But incidents like this rarely occur in recent times as the vice president of Indian national congress Rahul Gandhi was found crying in one of the tapped phone calls by some hackers who then published this audio of conversation on youtube.

Rahul Gandhi has been in news these days because he is considered by many people to be the prime ministerial candidate for UPA government. This conversation with his mother can harm his image and introduce his real personality to the people.

“Mom what should I do?? You told me that I will be put forward in Amethi because their people are loyal to our family. You told me I will easily get one ticket to Lok Sabha. Now see one man is threatening our family tradition. Now you have put me into trouble what should I do??”

“Dont worry my son we will use power of every leader and every policeman to move him out of your place. You have to appeal to people in name of your father. Only he can save you my child.”


These were the words that were traced in phone calls. Although the source of these tapping are unknown and there is a already a war started in twitter doubting the reality of this tapped call, however faking news has already found out the truth.

“These calls are interpreted by using high quality equipment and these voices appear too similar to the original voices of the personalities. This is no doubt it’s a real call,” these were the words said by Mr. Manju who is an IIT Bombay student.

It seems clear that this reaction of Rahul Gandhi was unexpected and is sure to raise many eyebrows across India. This kind of behavior is generally considered abnormal by psychiatrists. Thus many people are clear with their opinion that such “abnormal” people must not be our prime minister.

On the other hand congress leaders have already started a war on media as well as on social networking sites to defend this incident. This has started to create many twists as the future of Rahul Gandhi is not seeming much bright. To what limits congress leaders will extend to defend is yet to be seen. But one point is clear that Gandhis will have to struggle for their existence if such incidences continue to occur.