Saturday, 21st April, 2018

Rahul Gandhi flayed for jacket

03, Feb 2018 By shakeel ahmad

The Nehruvian jacket directly connects the Congress president Rahul Gandhi with the grand old political party. But it is seldom worn by him. He seemed to have changed his stance. What is wrong if the BJP takes a dig at him for wearing a branded jacket. He should revive the past dress sense of the Congress.He seldom wears the Gandhi cap and now he has discarded the jacket which was once the party’s most admired dress.

Unlike his grandmother Mrs Indira Gandhi he was far behind in reviving the past days’ party clothing culture. He appears in the purely foreign designed jeans.Why does Old Congress attire look out of date to him? Our great Gandhiji followed only a loincloth by seeing the poverty-stricken people of his country.

Oddly enough the leaders wail for the poor people’s distress but do not agree with the concept of giving up their hefty salary despite one ‘ Varun Gandhi’s constant effort. Our politicians are becoming smarter and smarter by their novel dress sense. They are now more fashionable than the previous days’ political leaders. How many political leaders pose as Tripura Chief Minister? Rahul Gandhi’s presence at the music event in a black jacket in Shillong drew the attention of Meghalaya BJP unit.

Was it in response to the PM Narendra Modi’s costly dress once worn by him on an important occasion? The Congress president’s puffer jacket from a British luxury fashion brand Burberry costs at Rs 68,145 on the Bloomingdales websites. Rahul Gandhi is usually at all times flawlessly dressed in a white Kurta and jeans.

His unique look turns out to be more self-effacing with one of his hands remaining in the jeans’ pocket all the way through the traditional Kurta’s pocket opening. The black jacket has led the BJPmen to condemn him fiercely.