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Rahul Gandhi finds his voice in Parliament, shocks the world

06, Aug 2014 By vargv

New Delhi. What seemed to be just another chaotic day in Parliament, witnessed happenings that shocked the world. Rahul Gandhi, Vice President of the Congress and Prime Ministerial candidate, was heard for the first time in the Parliament in decades.

Hopeful Rahul
Angry Rahul

At first the members of the Parliament were confused when they heard a familiar voice of Rahul baba over the cacophony in the house. “We thought someone is playing a video of Rahul’s interview with Arnab. That’s the only time we have heard him,” said an MP.

Rahul was heard repeatedly saying, “Only one voice is being heard.” Our correspondents spoke to Rahul outside the House who said, “Well, I was streaming the new episode of Chota Bheem on my phone over the Parliament’s wifi and only one character’s voice was being heard. I mean there are other characters in the show too, how can the speaker be so partial and ignore others’ voices. The BJP is insensitive towards the Cartoon community; they are promoting communal violence.All I wanted was the wifi service to be probed and suspended.”

We asked Rahul how he felt after raising his voice in the Parliament for the first time. “I have raised my voice many times before in the Parliament,” said Rahul referring to his previous loud snoring in the Parliament. “Sonia madam had put extra scoops of Bournvita in his milk today, which must have given him the boost,” Rahul’s driver told Faking News.

When party members suggested Rahul to storm the Parliament Well, Rahul was heard saying, “I’m not thirsty.” He stormed out of the House to go to his own house and watch Chota Bheem.

Congress party members hailed this move. The leader of opposition post seems to be in sight if Rahul continues his shouting in the house. Dr.Manmohan Singh wiped a tear from his eye and said that Rahul was living Singh’s dream, and hopes that Soniaji doesn’t muffle his voice too.