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Rahul Gandhi enlightens the parliament on 'Mobile Neutrality'

28, Apr 2015 By Aditya Jha

The topic of Net Neutrality has been subject to some heated discussions in the parliament. The prime focus of the attention shifted to the core issue of the internet when Rahul Ji explained “Internet needs a law to be protected”, Modi was seen gazing at Rahul Ji who had spoken first time in the last 70 days, something which the NDA took notice of. The BJP emphasized on the much larger issue at hand and with the focus on empowering the young men of India, kept its silence and let Rahul Ji proceed with his point of view. Ahem! Moving on.

The main point in Rahul Ji’s speech wasn’t made until he raised the point about Mobile Neutrality. With his sleeves up, Rahul Ji said “main purso apne ek politician ke ghar gaya, unke pass sab tha magar ek cheez dekh main uttejid ho gaya.” Fellow congressman chant “kya kya kya”… Rahul Ji explains “unka mobile”.. “Jee haan, ek politician aur vo bhi itne ucche darje kaa pta hai kaunsa mobile use kar reha tha!”.. He adds “Nokia 6600”.

Danish Prime Minister showing President Obama her new mobile phone, as British Prime Minister looks on
Danish Prime Minister showing President Obama her new mobile phone, as British Prime Minister looks on

The parliament session ended and the media was visibly shook by this attack from Rahul Ji on not the NDA led central government but in fact on the issue of humanity, emphasizing on empowering the politicians of our country with the basic need of life i.e. mobile.

The media took full leverage of this and invited the Congress, BJP and AAP spokespersons on the show. The highlight of the evening became Ashutosh’ reaction to Arnab’s question about which mobile he uses, to which Ashutosh said “Samsung Galaxy” – guilty of his mobile, Ashutosh was left weeping for the rest of the debate.

On the political end, after Rahul Ji’s speech, the honorable Prime Minister called his buddy in the United States, The President Barack (as Prime Minister would refer to him). The topic was the issue at hand i.e. the Mobile Neutrality – for the politicians. The Prime Minister explained to Barack how this form of political inequality is against the basic foundation of a bond that may be built between two countries.

Barack told Narendra that he uses a Blackberry that is personalized specially for him to curtail to his needs. There was a minute of silence on both the lines of the telephonic call.

The hot topic saw heated discussions on the floor of the UN, with diplomats from all the countries raising their voices over this sheer form of discrimination and inequality. The BlackBerry company was seen as the most universally accepted among politicians, the reason for which is still unknown in this age of Android, as put forward by the diplomat of one of the countries.

In light of the recent events, the UN has decided that it is deemed the most appropriate that all the political leaders of their country has a sense of equality for themselves. The first way to achieve this will be through common grounds of mobile neutrality.

The UN has hence ordered every political leader throughout the world to use mobile phones that cost under 5,000 rupees or 79.02 dollars. The aim of this is to universally save on the expenditure by governments on mobile and put this money into use where it’s much needed i.e. Net Neutrality, which shall soon become a luxury for the Aam Aadmi (and no, not the political party).

Mobile Neutrality, a new form of political diplomacy.