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Rahul Gandhi empowers his supporters and makes them invisible

05, Mar 2014 By khichdi

In the last decade, Congress supremo Rahul Gandhi has put his heart into empowering the youth and women of India.

Infact, he empowered the rich, the poor, the ugly, the beautiful, the dead and the alive.  Throughout India, Rahul Gandhi started to be called ‘Rahul Baba’ due to his  empowering adventures. But, every Indian Baba has his end. What has happened over the years has been most unfortunate.

It started two years ago, when Rahul Gandhi plunged into empowering all Congress supporters throughout India because he believed that empowerment begins at home. He held rallies across India, and  then at each rally he empowered his supporters and made them ‘invisible’ so that they could support the good old corrupt Congress, away from any disturbance from honesty.

But the plan has backfired, because this has caused massive disappearing of Congress supporters from all over India. The Congress field lies barren on social media, there is no one to fight with Modi/Kejriwal supporters.

Infact, ‘Congress Supporter’ has been declared as an ‘Endangered’ Species in India. Unfortunately, Rahul Gandhi cannot make them visible again because he knows ‘Empowerment’  inside out, but he doesn’t know ‘disempowerment’. But, nonetheless, who brought ’empowerment’ to India? Rahul Gandhi will always be known as the father of Indian empowerment.

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