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Rahul Gandhi dreams land him in Inception 2

26, Mar 2014 By Postman Chacha

Amethi – The kind of weird and complex dreams Rahul Gandhi tried to show through his election manifesto, Christopher Nolan decided to cast him in Inception 2.

Nolan said,” In our previous movie, we managed to show dreams to just 6-7 people, but Rahul Gandhi has managed this with 1.2 billion people. He is a true legend.”

Rahul Gandhi

Shooting is going to start from 1st April, to commemorate Rahul Gandhi’s intelligence. When our reporter Buri Khabar talked to  Pappu  Rahul Gandhi, he showed his immense joy on this decision.

He said,” Dreams are everywhere, it’s  in your shirt, in your pants. It’s in your morning dinner and night’s breakfast”. After that our confused reporter moved out of his house with a facepalm.

Kejriwal furious at this sniffed a foreign connection . He said, “Yeh videshi Aam Aadmi ko film nhi dete, yeh videshi talent ko kaam nhi dete. Yeh log paise waloon ki jeb mein hai. Hamari Sarkar aayi to Hollywood ki filmein band karwa denge “.

Well, the best part of this move is that Rahul Gandhi will remain out of India for a long time, which according to UN will raise the education level of India by manifolds.