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Rahul Gandhi develops affection for "Fascist BJP" after learning about Italian origin of Fascism

08, Aug 2015 By thepelicanclub

What a wonderful journey the quest for knowledge is! In a development that is widely seen as breaking parliament logjam permanently and bringing BJP and Congress even closer thanks to Jihadists Alleged Rebels and Adarsh Liberals, Rahul Gandhi has come out in support of BJP!

Ye Ladka Dekhna Bahut Aage Jaega!

This development came during political mentor-ship lessons conducted by Digvijay Singh which are now in their 12th year running.

While Mr. Singh was explaining why BJP is Fascist, Rahul Baba couldn’t help but open the Fascism wikipedia page on his smartphone (which was used to write the tribute to Nepal earthquake victims).

Never to miss finer points and having keen eye for details, he noticed¬†that Fascism originated in Italy! ¬†Sharp as a razor, his brain is quite good at putting two and two together. It didn’t take long for him to realize BJP’s fondness for Italy and Italian origins.

While Digvijay Singh tried to dissuade him from this line of thinking, Rahul baba made it extremely clear that no political education will supersede his love for all things Italian. Rahul baba was also kind enough to explain the reason as follows:

1. Pizza and Pasta are my favorite dishes – where did they originate? Italy

2. Where is my mother from? Italy

3. Who is my favorite uncle ? Ottavio Quattrocchi, Where is he from ? Italy

4. All my favorite movies? Yes Mafia movies. Where did Mafia originate? Yes Italy

5. How do Adarsh Liberals follow our lead? Like…an Orchestra. No prize for guessing Orchestra is Italian origin too!

When so many good things of Italian origin are so good, how can someone following Italian origin ideology be our enemy! Its about time someone explain this obvious oversight to my mother. Let me go and talk to her at once!”

As Rahul Baba left in a hurry to share this epiphany, Diggy Uncle’s eyes were filled with tears of admiration and pride in his 12 year training.

Sources confirm that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi was later found vehemently pleading her daughter to take over the reins of Congress party.