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Rahul Gandhi creates world record: Maximum number of ‘mike adjustments’ in one speech

26, Nov 2013 By Asatyam

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi finally succeeded in making an impact through his speeches. It was yesterday when his name was added to Limca Book of World Records for adjusting his mike maximum number of times in a single speech.

It is said that he fiddled with the mike a record 210 times in his 30 minute speech. The record was previously held by Vikas, who works for Shehzaada Sound, a local shop providing mikes and loudspeakers on rent for various occasions.

Rahul Gandhi’s ‘mike adjustment’ – a phenomenon that occurs after every 9 seconds in Rahul Gandhi’s speeches

Vikas, now aware of the dawn and dusk of his world record, shared his feelings with our reporter, “I didn’t know anything about such a record. But I am happy that I kept a record without having to pull an aircraft or train with my teeth. It is a bit disappointing but I am happy that Rahul bhaiyya broke my record because he is my favourite. He always mentions my name in his speeches,” said a grinning Vikas. He set the world record about 5 years ago, when he had to adjust the mike for 169 times as it failed to stand firm against Javed Akhtar’s blustering words.

Rahul Gandhi’s fiddling with the mike mostly went unnoticed. However, Limca Book’s adjudicator Akarmanya Dhingra found them too obvious to be ignored. “Not just the mike-adjustments, I noticed him rolling up his sleeves repeatedly during the speeches, even if they were already rolled up. I thought maybe he was just a little nervous about the audience’s reaction, but once I noted down the numbers and they were so close to the world record. This gave me a hint that he could break the record very soon,” said Akarmanya.

“I was not nervous, I was just caressing the mike, just like you pat your dog’s head,” Rahul Gandhi, the Vice President of Indian National Congress told us. “I don’t distinguish between living and non-living things, ever since my school days because I am a secular leader.  Anyways, Limca is my mom’s favourite drink, and I am so happy that I now have a record in the limca book”.

As there were prevalent rumors that Rahul intentionally broke the record of a Shehzaada Sound employee, we tried to get a reaction. “What do you mean?” he said, in a tone that he only used for the ordinance in the past, and rolled up his sleeves. Not sure if it was his routine act or he had some other intentions, our reporter left without an answer.

We discussed these new aspects of Rahul’s body language with renowned psychologist Mansik Raazkhole “I don’t think he is just anxious or it is just a habit. It is all psychology. By rolling his sleeves, he wants to illustrate himself as a yuva leader. And most probably, he is trying to persuade engineering students by showing his love for these electrical instruments. Not many days passed after we heard about the escape velocity thing. You know, a large number of young voters are techies,” said Mansik, trying to prove his point.

There were different reactions by different political parties over this. BJP leader Narendra Modi attacked Rahul in his well-known fashion after revising some ‘figures’ from his diary “Coal gate ka record to rakh nahi paaye, naya record kya banayenge… Mike nahi sambhal sakte, desh ko kya khaak sambhalenge bhaiyo behno… Rozgaar deke vikas lane ki baat karte hain, ‘Vikas’ ka rozgaar to cheen liya inhone…” On the other hand, Digvijay Singh congratulated Rahul for his latest achievement, and said “arey India me kaaaaaaan koooooon keeeeeeen kiye bina mike adjust karna bhi koi aasaan baat nahi hai”. However, BJP leader Sushma Swaraj milked this golden opportunity of counter-attacking, stating that “mike adjust karne waala kabhi PM nahi ban sakta”