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Rahul Gandhi congratulates Bilawal Bhutto on making his Faking News debut

22, Sep 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Rahul Gandhi
Congrats Billu

Delhi: A day after Bilawal Bhutto shot to newspaper front pages with his controversial remarks about taking back every inch of Kashmir from India, Rahul Gandhi – Congress’ Vice President – reached out to him to congratulate him for making his debut on Faking News.

“I wholeheartedly congratulate Mr. Bhutto for making it to Faking News,” Rahul said in an exclusive interview with this Faking News reporter, a day after Bilawal’s controversial remarks had been widely reported. “For a long time, I thought I was a one of a king young politician – the only one capable of being covered extensively on Faking News. But now Bilawal has gone ahead and done this. What can I say… I am just so very proud that another young guy has done this.”

“After me, he is the first young politician to go mainstream so quickly on Faking News,” Mr. Gandhi said. “If he keeps making remarks like this, he might even attain escape velocity.”

“We must further empower young people like him,” he added.