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Rahul Gandhi claims Egyptian Pyramids were built under the MGNREGA scheme

11, May 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Khanna: In what is believed to have surpassed even Digvijay Singh in terms of insane claims, the Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has reportedly claimed while travelling in a train to Punjab that pyramids of Egypt were actually built under the MGNREGA scheme.

Coincidentally, Faking News reporters were on the same train and were able to witness the interaction between Rahul and the passengers. Here is the transcript of recording after English translation.

Rahul, moments before the proclamation
Rahul, moments before the proclamation

Rahul told the passengers: “My dear passengers, I hope you’re all doing great. I guess you must’ve made the necessary entertainment arrangements to enjoy this train journey. If any of you hasn’t, just let me know so that we can buy some boiled peanuts and keep our conversation going. The sale of peanuts in train has been made possible by Congress party as part of MGNREGA scheme. Let us thank my grandma and great grandpa because of whom we are able to binge on peanuts in this train journey.”

After this statement, there was a huge round of forced applause from the crowd.

“Before the British left our nation, Congress party was still active and largely responsible for building the pyramids in the African country of Egypt. Because poor people did not have jobs, the Congress party took MGNREGA initiative to the next level by moving them to Egypt for jobs and eventually, building several pyramids. Even to this day, the pyramids have been one of the seven wonders of the world, only after the Congress party”, said Rahul as he appeared thoughtful.

Witnesses say, majority of the passengers got down in the next stop while others with lower tolerance levels jumped out of the train to escape the speech.