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Rahul Gandhi caught red handed empowering women in crowded DTC bus, thrashed by passengers

04, Apr 2014 By psych0bar0n

Delhi – In a shocking incident, Congress leader and boy scout Rahul Gandhi was caught red handed by passengers while empowering women in a Ladies special DTC bus playing on route 420 between Janpath and Race Course road.

Rahul Gandhi
“I am sorry”

Irate passengers thrashed the youth leader and his crony, Digvijay Singh who was accompanying him. A 3rd accomplice, who passengers say looked suspiciously similar to Rajeev Shukla, jumped off the moving bus and escaped before he could be manhandled.

According to our unknown sources, the incident happened at around 4 in the evening when the jam packed bus had reached Najafgarh bus stand. “I was standing near the front gate when sudenly i felt a surge of power and awesomeness going through me. I was shocked to to see that my biceps were bulging out and were bigger than Salman Khan’s arms. I turned around and saw this guy with his sleeves rolled up giving me a silly grin and uttering gibberish,” said Phulwanti Bai, one of the victims of the empowerment.

Neha, a college student too had a harrowing tale. “The bus was crowded and i was hanging on to a seat for support when suddenly the entire seat came off in my hand and two fat passengers on it were thrown off”. Neha too realized that she suddenly had developed forearms of a gorilla and had become 6 feet tall.

Meanwhile, a wailing Rahul and his mentor Diggy Raja were seen in the Kotwali police station sitting in a corner in a ‘murga’ position. On being questioned, he initially refused to say anything but when the SHO threatened to beat him with a ruler, a tearful Rahul said “It was all Diggy uncle’s idea. He said we could use the magic mantra which i learnt from Chota Bheem’s 7th episode and empower women”. He threatened to complain to his maama and refused to drink the hot milk with horlicks that the Kotwali constables offered him.

However Digvijay Singh defended his plan saying, “If Kejriwal can indulge in cheap showoff by travelling in a Mumbai local train, why can’t Rahul baba go around in buses?”.

He also justified boarding a Ladies bus by saying that Rahul baba was only 12 years old and even produced a half -ticket to prove it. On being asked why was he disguised in a burkha, he turned aggressive and said he was representing both women and minorities and accused the press of taking money from Modi, Hitler, Mussolini, even Jarasandha, king of Magadh.

Male Chauvinistic Pig Association [MCPA] secretary Bhupinder Hooda has criticized this attempt by Rahul Gandhi. He was supported by the largest group of intellectuals and champions of woman’s rights in India, the All India Council of Khap Panchayats.

Faking News has reliably learnt that an upset Sonia Gandhi has asked Diggy to step down from the Woman Empowerment Cell. The position will be now handled by the evergreen N.D.Tiwari.

National Commission for Women head Sunny Leone has sworn vengeance and threatened to empower all Delhi men, leading to huge overcrowding in all buses. Unconfirmed reports say Narendra Modi and Baba Ramdev were also spotted hanging on bus footsteps .