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Rahul Gandhi blames RSS for lathi blows people receive in movie ticket queues

03, Jun 2015 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi: In what is being regarded as a statement capable of driving logic to commit suicide, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has blamed RSS for the lathi blows moviegoers receive in movie theaters’ queues.

“Na baas ki bansi, na sone ka sariya, bas pair pe danda dete hain woh lathi wale.”

 Faking News reporters reached the Congress party office Rahul was delivering a discourse amidst a Kavi Sammelan like arrangement. Here is a transcript of what he was heard saying.

Mujhe ye baat pata hai bhaiyya, ki aap cinema dekhne jaate hain. Vahan par ticket ke liye line mein khade hote hain. Us line mein kya hota hai ye sabko pata hai. Agar thodisi bhi masti karo, tho badi badi moti moti lathiyon ke dande padte hain. Ye sab un lathi walon ki majaal hai, unhi ki kartoot hai.”

Rahul also spoke about Gilli-danda, a traditional sport in India, as he continued his delivery.

“Aap gilli-danda jante hi honge. Is khel ko inhi lathi waalon ne banaya tha. Is khel ki wajah se na jane kitne logon ko chot pahunchi hain”, said Rahul as crowd’s deep murmur accompanied by confusion followed.

Rahul had to be escorted away forcibly from the place as the crowd lost patience and created ruckus after he said:

“Aree bhayya, yeh lathi waale aaj kal in lathiyon se selfie tak le lete hain.”

Sources say after the spat with Smriti Irani, Rahul had nightmares of being hit by RSS workers for not being disciplined and this is believed to be the reason behind his sudden outrage against the social organization.