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Rahul Gandhi blames Modi government for the earthquake disaster

27, Apr 2015 By jainvivek

New Delhi. In the series of senseless attacks on Modi government, congress vice president Rahul “Pappu” Gandhi today blamed PM Modi for their inability to predict earthquakes which severely affected Nepal and northern India. He said, “I have already learned the predictions from IIN. Our scientists are highly qualified and gave early warnings to the government. However, in order to benefit their corporate friends PM Modi decided to not divulge the information to the nation”.

Rahul Gandhi after waking up in Parliament, makes a fresh blame on Modi Govt
Rahul Gandhi after waking up in Parliament, makes a fresh blame on Modi Govt

Elaborating further, he reiterated, “Yeh suit- boot ki sarkar hai. Apne corporate bhaiyon ke like yeh kisi bhi hadd tak ja sakte hai. The destruction due to earthquake is going to help the telecom companies and infrastructure industries”.

In our investigation a senior executive of a leading telecom company Idea confirmed that there is surge in calls in the aftermath of earthquakes. He added, “However our IIN program already prepared lot of people to handle earthquakes. We are now planning to roll out the IIN program in Nepal also.”

RaGa team is also going all-out to back his prince charming. Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh today called a press conference and said “Pappu is absolutely correct.  If BJP can predict the election results with such a high accuracy, how can they fail in predicting the earthquakes. This is a BJP conspiracy and we demand a CBI probe into the matter. We are going to fight this in the Parliament and on the streets”. BJP has declined to make any comments on such a low leveled IQ’s blames.