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Rahul Gandhi blames his engineer friend for his lame interview

06, Feb 2014 By Anuraj Pandey

New Delhi In an exclusive interview with Faking News, Rahul Gandhi blamed his engineer friend for his flop interview with Arnab Goswami last week. Rahul said- Lately I met one of my childhood friend Ishan Awasthi after a long time, both of us shared deep friendship during childhood. We were last benchers and often shared moments outside the class on punishment. We were good for nothing. We were separated when I had to change my school on failing 3rd standard.

Recently I met him,  he surprised me with his fake US accent and said I am an engineer now. It reminder me of time when we used to measure our IQ and system would throw segmentation faults and memory leak error messages. Now he is an engineer and look at me. I got curious to know his success mantra on how he cracked all exams to win engineering battle. Ishan hesitated for some time, then smiled and revealed his secret.

He said “You need not be intelligent to pass exams but all you should do is learn one topic well, change words and use it in all answers. This is how our education system works. This is how India is producing 99.99% of engineers”. I asked him what if it’s not an exam but interview. He said “Well if you can’t cover up a question with an answer, make intelligent face and try diverting interviewer’s attention with You know what, this is not the real problem and well lets focus on real issue etc”. Same moment, I felt like I got real success mantra and confidence to face media 1:1.

When Arnab asked me “What took you so long to attend media interview”, I wanted to give credit to my friend then I thought it time to sound intelligent.

We then approached Ishan and asked him if he did this secretly for BJP or AAP. Ishan clarified saying he made him study four broad topics that could fit well in different situations. I underestimated his IQ and expected him to match right answer as per question but he jumbled up everything. Next time I will give him answers to Match the column.