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Rahul Gandhi Attends Personality Development Program

18, Mar 2015 By ameyakapre

New Delhi: After weeks of intense speculation, sources have finally traced the whereabouts of Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi. As reported by sources, Rahul Gandhi has been pursuing a Diploma in Personality Development  at the Trinity College, Cambridge. The news breathed new life into the Congress cadres and everybody heaved a huge sigh of relief that finally Congress President to be is putting the sabbatical to some good use. Digvijay Singh and Sanjay Jha have been in constant touch with Rahul over WhatsApp.

Rahul Dandhi at Personality Development Training
Rahul Dandhi at Personality Development Training

As per reports, the university has a packed schedule for the candidates attending the said course. The day begins with Yoga, followed by news paper reading and group discussion. Professors at the university reveal that Rahul has been very enthusiastic about it from day one and has been showing noticeable improvement in confidence levels. On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi himself has been experiencing a sense of calm and an increase in political acumen and a better understanding of political issues. He has been very instrumental in taking the group discussions to higher levels The professors are very happy about it and surprised if it’s the same Rahul Gandhi who they heard at CII. As a part of the program, Rahul Gandhi was shown some of his own videos making speeches and made to note down the “How not to” to avoid further mistakes and goof ups.

Thursdays and Fridays are reserved from self help and oratory classes. Another professor at the university said that self help is to give vent to one’s suppressed emotions which the candidates wouldn’t otherwise disclose in front of anybody else. Apparently Rahul had once broken down during one self help group session as his emotions of being constantly ridiculed and made fun of came to the fore which evoked empathetic responses from the other participants. For oratory, he has been shown the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speeches much to Rahul’s annoyance but nevertheless he gave in once they said it was a part of the program and for his betterment only. Nevertheless, Rahul Gandhi reportedly has better control over his emotions and can project his ideas better, revealed from a professor whom he confided into. “We are happy to have Rahul back after the last time he dropped out of college due to poor grades”, said a professor at Trinity College

Apparently, a few top notch leaders of the Congress party had plans to present Rahul as a surprise package after the course but the sources managed to get a hold of it. Pakistan People’s Party too somehow got a whiff of this news and are now planning to send Bilawal Bhutto in the next badge as revealed by a PPP leader on the condition of anonymity.