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Rahul Gandhi attacks Modi, says 'Single Window system will create chaos'

02, Oct 2014 By @Being_Humor
In his first major attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi said on Thursday that the ‘Single Window system’ Modi’s been talking about will create chaos.

Rahul Gandhi
“Trust me”

Mr Gandhi’s remark was an obvious reference to speeches in which Modi talked about slashing Red tape and harnessing the benefits of a huge young population.
Rahul Gandhi said, Modi is trying to copy Gujarat Model for the whole India without knowing the ground realities.
The government has not been able to fulfil the promises it made to the people. The problem of inflation continues, and now there will be a chaos too.
“Does he know about Queues in PVRs? Does he know how long a common people wait for getting tickets of local trains in Mumbai?” Mr Gandhi asked during a visit to Amethi on Thursday.
He said due to husge population in India, existing no. of windows are not enough, how can Modi even think about just a single window. Single window means around 150 people in a queue where it is 50 people in three diffrent queues. We can understand how much trouble it will create to common people.
Mr Gandhi then said, BJP has no clear vision. They are talking about single window but if we ask which side of the Car will have that window; they won’t be able to answer.
Reacting strongly to Mr Gandhi’s comments, BJP President. Amit Shah said, “Rahul Gandhi is worried because he knows longer the people are in queue longer they will spend time on Twitter and hence more jokes on him.”
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