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Rahul Gandhi at autobiography launch of Digvijay Singh

10, Aug 2013 By fakeithurry

Rahul Gandhi speaks sensibly for half an hour at book launch of “Dig Vijay Dig!” autobiography of politician Digvijay Singh.

Rahul Gandhi
RahulG spoke sensibly for half an hour.

Among the other dignitaries present at the event were Dr. Manmohan Singh, Robert Vadra, actress Poonam Pandey, Tushar Kapoor, Raj Babbar and was co-hosted by Mandira Bedi and Arnab Goswami. The book, in the words of the author, digs out a chapter-by-chapter explanation of the inner invaluable meanings behind the controversial comments made by him in the past. As a bonus, the readers also get a peek into some of his pearls of wisdom in the coming future.

However, the thunder of the evening was the usually quite (annoying) Mr. Gandhi, who spoke all truth and all no nonsense for 30 minutes, which he confessed, surprised himself (sensible again!). He said the rise of Mr. Singh, was comparable to that of Bollywood superstar Poonam Pandey. Both, these people, he said were indisputable emperors of their own parallel universes and an inspiration for all those who are thriving to bring forward the naked truth for the welfare of the Indian masses.

He emphasized that he grew up watching people like Mr. Singh, Mr. Kapil Sibal and their experiences were stepping elevators for his current stature. “I would have been just another young man, if not for these great people! Talking to them on a daily basis was like one-on-on lessons on oratory, more than what if I could have ever learned in Universities like Cambridge, “  he was quoted saying. Drawing a feather out of his recent enlightenment, the young MP also said, “ For all those ignorant people, who haven’t yet observed,  Diggu Uncle is infinitely rich, given his yet-undetermined state of mind. “

The 30minute long insightful speech marathon was interrupted by the host, Mandira Bedi, when Mr. Gandhi started speaking about  Digvijay Singh as an inspiration to the Zimbabwean cricket team. She broke the ice by inviting all the present dignitaries to the special Rs. 12 dinner arranged by Mr. Babbar, a close friend and colleague of Mr. Singh.

Other highlights of the event include the prime minister screaming praises on Digvijay Singh on the top of his voice, actress Poonam Pandey being presented a shawl by Mr. Digvijay Singh for her gracious presence and Tushar Kapoor announcing a biopic on Mr. Singh’s life.