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Rahul Gandhi announces "Lotus Capturing" contest in Amethi

08, May 2014 By jyotil

Rahul Gandhi, today breathed new life into Congress cadres in Amethi when he objected against a lotus drawn in the polling booth. In order to galvanize the party workers, Mr. Gandhi announced “Lotus Capturing” contest in Amethi today morning.

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Congress Cadres roamed around the Amethi constituency in order to spot lotuses and report back to the Mr. Gandhi’s campaign headquarters. The cadres swung into action early in the morning and went about their business with fervent enthusiasm.

Eye witnesses report that since early morning scores of congress cadres were seen combing every nook & corner of Amethi to find lotus symbols, pictures and even actual lotuses. The charged up cadres were seen distributing cash to flower vendors across the town to capture maximum lotuses, some of them were seen flinging themselves into muddy ponds across Amethi to capture the lotuses.

We met such few cadres and asked them why the lotuses in the pond are an issue, to which they responded, that there is no scientific evidence to suggest that lotuses bloom in ponds and it is BJP’s conspiracy due to which lotus are on full bloom in these ponds.

Some party cadres were frustrated when the news reports of their colleagues capturing large number of lotuses surfaced. There were allegations of rigging when one of the cadres announced on the spot contest for school kids to draw lotus pictures for his lotus haul. Some over enthusiastic cadres also resorted to rounding people bearing Lotus in their names. By afternoon, there were reports of 573 Kamalnaths, Kamalkanths etc missing from their homes.

Witnessing the success of “Lotus Capturing”, senior congress leaders hailed the leadership qualities of Mr. Gandhi and declared that only he has the ability to come up with solutions to country’s problems with his out of the box thinking and that this was a masterstroke in enthusing his cadres.

Rahul Gandhi himself was his usual modest self and he responded that since on the election day booth capturing was getting increasingly difficult, I had to come up with an alternative chore for my hard working party workers and hence the idea of “Lotus Capturing”.