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Rahul Gandhi and Digvijay Singh to star in "Breaking L.A.B", a television series based on Land Acquisition Bill

27, Jul 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Mumbai: In a bid to change their directionless careers, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi and party senior Digvijay Singh have reportedly agreed to play the roles of talented cooks in a television series called “Breaking L.A.B”.

Anurag Cashyup, the famous director from Bollywood will direct this adventure filled series.

Rahul and Dig at the Mahurat Shot
Rahul and Dig at the Mahurat Shot

Speaking to Faking News, Mr. Cashyup said, “Rahul is very good at cooking up stories from figments of his imagination, just that he ends up with a wrong choice of words. Even Digvijay is no less. Like Einstein links everything to relativity, Dig has this wonderful talent of linking everything to RSS. The way this duo exhibits persistent confidence despite multiple failures is remarkable. For your information, this is the prime reason why I hand-picked them.”

Rahul and Digvijay were leaving the party office last evening for Paad Yatra. With great difficulty, we managed to catch hold of them to ask about the new television series.

With an innocent smile on his face, Rahul said, “I constantly think about farmers. Last night, I played ‘Farmville’ on my mobile for hours together. What can be a bigger proof of my stand on L.A.B  than Farmville? Even Cashyup has lauded my abilities to cook up things on the fly.”

Digvijay seemed quite excited about the venture as he said, “We are Tunch Maal. It is the best word to describe Congress party and the stories I’d be cooking up with Rahul Ji in ‘Breaking L.A.B’. The whole idea is to cook the purest form of lies. The world knows about my earth-shaking blatant statements. If you’re not aware, my fans association had given me the title, Pitamaha of Perjury when I produced fake bills. I aim to do the best at what I’m generally known to be good at. So, wish me good luck!”

Sources say “Breaking L.A.B” will smash all the silver screen records in Indian history as the duo steps into cooking studios after shedding their political avatar.