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Rahul Gandhi and Congress - the only species in favor of poor people

30, Nov 2013 By ask2abhi

Rahul Gandhi, in a bid to confirm Congress as a superior party, has said today in a rally held in Rajasthan that Congress, despite being a rich party, works only for poor.

Is his own word Rahul explained ” Humne aapko 3 Rs me chawal , 2 Rs me gehu aur 1 Rs. me anaaj diya” and ” humne sikhsha k adhikaar k liye har gareeb ko rojgaar kaa adhikar dilaya,¬†wo v guarantee kar k“.

On Rahul’s statement Congress MP Diggi Singh said, “The food bill supported by Congress is nothing. You can tear it apart if you know that price of cooking gas is rising in India in a similar way as our donation funds are. But u also need to know – Pakane k liye cooking gas ki jarurat nahi hoti..Rahul ji to har bhasan me aise hi paka dete hai.” He added, “If u can speak anything at an escape velocity, actually u dont even need cooking gas at all”.

When a renowned Media news conglomerate “Media Sarkar” approached BJP MP Vijay Goel to grab his reaction on Rahul’s and Diggi’s statement, Goel said, We actually don’t care about it because Arvind Kejriwal has cheated Anna and now he is cheating the people of Delhi. He also requested Media Sarkar to create a sting operation on Chawal (rice) and Gehu (Wheat) and show the country that they are not annaj (Cereal). This shall also prove that AK and Anna are not same.

AAP is still not sure that how to react about these statements. The AAP spokesperson Yogendra Yadav said that we don’t want to comment anything because whatever I would say, won’t be published anywhere until unless Media don’t find any negative controversy related to Aam Admni Party.