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Rahul Gandhi and Bilawal Bhutto caught playing chess, event declared as world's longest event

24, Sep 2014 By DarrKeAage

LOC. In a hilarious event here, Rahul Gandhi and Bilawal Bhutto were caught playing chess.

They were caught in a joint operation by the Indian and the Pakistan army. Two of them were caught today morning near the Line of Control.

Rahul Gandhi is popularly known as “Pappu” and Bilawal as “Pakistan ka Pappu“. An FIR was lodged against both of them for crossing the Line of Control.

सपनों के सौदागर
“Bilawal is pretty intelligent”

On interrogation, both of them confessed to have been playing for last 5 days. They said that their first game has been going on for this long. The authorized officials informed us that, this event was likely to be recorded as the longest game of chess ever played. It might have even broken the Guinness world record for any kind of event ever organized.

Rahul Gandhi while talking to our reporters said: “Maine toh Billu ko kal hi kaha tha ki game khatam karte hain, waise bhi tera bus hathi aur mera bus ghoda bacha hai. (I had asked Billu to end the game as I had only one knight and he had only one Rook left).”

But apparently Bilawal did not agree to this and insisted on playing on. Bilawal while talking to our reporters said that they were expecting the game to end soon today. But it got interrupted as the media arrived there and both of them lost their concentration.

Both of them have decided to organize such tournament between them twice a year now. Going further they will inform everybody including media and both the governments before the start of the game. They have already received offers from few companies like Pogo for sponsoring this event.