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Rahul Gandhi: An Alien?

01, Mar 2013 By saffronsnake

In a sensational development, your channel has accessed an internal top secret (made for TV) memo of Congress party which claims that Rahul Gandhi is an alien.

The memo written by Working Committee for Science and Technology  describes the long story how Mr Gandhi lost his aircraft, and was given a proper shelter and taken care by the generous Gandhi family.

“Can you imagine the imagine the sacrifice made by Mrs Gandhi, who herself is from foreign country, by allowing an alien to stay in India?” wrote the chairperson in the memo.

According to the memo, Mr Rahul Gandhi’s aircraft crashed in the Himalayas  when he along with his friend were looking for some place to eat free food. They were later discovered by the congress general secretary Mr Digvijay Singh, who was meditating (different from Ramdev’s yoga).

The memo point out that, the alien nature of Rahul Gandhi explains his strange, ‘out of the world’, behavior. People in his home planet (Krypton) lives much (approx 300 years) longer, which explains why he is the youth leader at 42 years. Moreover, people at Krypton generally get married at around 80 years. So, he has no plans for marrying any time soon.

Also, people at Krypton are more intelligent than their peers at Earth, so they are unable to follow the speeches made by Rahul Gandhi. ‘And when they can’t understand the speech, how do you expect them to praise rahul Ji? ‘ asked Mr Singh, Congress general Secretary.

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