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Rahul Gandhi all set to join AAP

08, Jan 2014 By Amol Khanolkar

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi interacting with Media

Angry with Shinde’s comments and jubilated with AAP’s free membership drive starting 10th January, a confused Rahul Gandhi exclusively interacted to the Press. Rahul Gandhi finally revealed his big plan for 2014. He supported a MMS statement and said that he strongly believes that Modi as PM will be a disaster for India.

He further added that – “Congress party in power is nothing but nonsense and needs to be torn apart. He acknowledged that being a part of congress, he was never able to give his best as he was struggling to relate himself with the party. He told that he was the first one to practice “AAM Aadmi’ theory” of Kejriwal. As a part of it I had visited houses of several people below poverty line who struggle to make their living. I also had food at their place to understand Aam Aadmi better. But somehow that could never translate into votes. So there are lots for me to learn from AAP. I would be a good learning curve for me may be bit steep one”

He said “I am a very big fan of Arvindji, and want to join AAP. What impresses me most about him is his velocity which is relatively greater than Jupiter’s escape velocity. He has managed to break the bee-hive and extract honey/energy out of it in such a short time which I couldn’t do all my life.” When asked for clarification he indicated that he was referring to mobilization of people and winning the Delhi elctions.

Perplexed by Rahul’s statement, AAP has asked for 2 days’ time to respond. Meanwhile Yogendra Yadav has asked party man to SMS their opinion on whether Rahul should be taken into the party or not.