Wednesday, 24th January, 2018

Rahul Gandhi advises Congressmen to desist from criticizing Kejriwal

07, Jan 2014 By R K Singh

In continuation with his remark that Congress should learn from AAP, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has advised his party members to desist from bad mouthing Arvind Kejriwal. “You should instead start eulogizing him” Rahul is believed to have said in an emergency meeting of Congress top brass gathered to fine tune the post AAP electoral strategy for 2014. Congress being a disciplined party, its key leaders could immediately embark on the job. Wasting no time, Digvijay Singh, the veteran Congressman tweeted – ‘Kejriwal, a true patriot is a like a son to Soniaji. I must wish him good luck.’

“I said No”

Ajay Maken, a key confidant of Gandhi scion organized a press conference to clarify the party’s stand on Kejriwal. He said, ‘the party’s support to AAP government in Delhi is unconditional and will continue till Kejriwalji is able to annihilate corruption from the country.’ Responding to a question on the ‘so called’ secret meeting between AAP and Congress at the behest of a prominent business man, Maken said that this is pure bullshit and nothing else. I challenge Gadkari to disclose the name the hotel otherwise he should keep his mouth shut. Tell me, why should we meet secretly when we can meet openly for breakfast or dinner? Gadkari should desist from making irresponsible statements.’

Later this morning, Manish Tiwari said that there was no ideological difference between AAP and Congress – after all both parties work for the poor. ‘Can’t you see the similarities between Shri Rahulji and Kejriwalji….they both stand for the poor and working to provide them free food, water and electricity? They are like brothers. I do not want to speculate, but you cannot rule out a broad nationwide alliance of UPA with AAP in 2014 to keep the communal forces from capturing power.’

Not left behind, Sanjaay Jha has tweeted that he can see a clear hand of Congress in ensuring AAP’s impressive debut in Delhi. Actually, I could see a bright future of AAP in the country, going forward.

Out of job, Sheila Dixit updated her face book profile by posting – ‘Sandeep and Arvind have been friends for years. I’m very happy that Arvind is doing fine.’ This is believed to melt the very tough Kejriwal, according to a highly reliable anonymous source. Our Delhi correspondent reports the rumor in the Delhi political circle is that the new CM has accepted the dinner invite from Sheila Dixit to celebrate AAP’s wining the vote of confidence in Delhi Assembly.

In Maharashtra, excited by the vote winning capacity of free water and electricity,  congress strongman Sanjay Nirupam has demanded that Maharashtra government too consider reducing electricity bill by 50% and increasing the subsidized cooking gas cylinders to 12 a year to keep communal forces from dethroning Congress-NCP government. Being a Mumbai resident and troubled by rising prices of essentials and taunting wife, I look forward to subsidized electricity and cooking gas. May God bless Nirupam.