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Rahul Gandhi admits that tearing ordinance was ‘error of judgement’, recuses himself for six months

23, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

In an unexpected and shocking move, Rahul Gandhi admitted today that his act of tearing the ordinance on convicted netas and calling it nonsense was an ‘error of judgement’ and in a bid to atone for his misdemeanour, he would recuse himself for six months, Congress party announced today.

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi lacerating himself with his thoughts

The Congress party spokesman’s sudden announcement about this confession of the Vice President of Congress party was received with disbelief and journalists attending the hurriedly called press conference were stunned & quietened into silence for a few minutes. Majority of them were behaving as if this announcement has caused a personal bereavement and made them orphans.

Shortly, however, the survival instinct reared its head and gathering their wits, they bombarded the spokesman with questions ranging from “What happens to party if owner himself recuses himself” to “Is he resigning from Congress” to “What happens to election campaign” and “Is Rahul Gandhi leaving politics” etc.

The spokesman calmly scotched all brouhaha on such questions by stating that he is not resigning from the party, definitely not from politics and he would in fact enhance his role in the election campaign and address many massive rallies.

Confused journos requested him to clarify the scope of recusal and the Congress spokes man obliged by condescending stating that the media’s love for headlines & breaking news had made them susceptible to missing the detail, as usual.

He requested them to read the press note carefully which clearly stated, “Sh. Rahul Gandhi, Vice President of Indian National Congress has decided to recuse himself from tearing any ordinances (specifically those relating to convicted politicians) and using the word ‘nonsense’ in any press conferences for next six months.”