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Rahul Gandhi addresses the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona

26, Feb 2014 By Anoop Chathoth

The annual Mobile World Congress being held in Barcelona had a surprise visitor this year. It was none other than the Congress Vice President and unofficial PM nominee Mr. Rahul Gandhi.

However what was interesting was the fact that Mr. Gandhi was under the assumption that this was a conclave organized by the NRI friends of the Indian National Congress as a fund raiser for the party for the upcoming elections. It dawned on him only later that the Mobile World Congress had nothing to do with the Indian National Congress.

The event that Rahul mistook for one organized by INC.
The event that Rahul mistook for one organized by INC.

Immediately after the keynote address by Mark Zuckerberg at the event, Rahul Gandhi took to the stage surprising many in the audience. Following are the excerpts from his speech which had to be cut short.

First of all I would like to thank all of you for coming to hear me speak at this event.

I am very surprised and at the same time amazed that I can see very few Indian faces among the audience . I never knew so many people in Barcelona would be interested in hearing me speak.

So let’s get going

India mein mobile phone kaun laya?

(Stunned silence from the audience)

OK moving on, I would like to inform you that my 2 main priorities are RTI and Women empowerment.

At this point the organizer’s realized that something was amiss and they escorted Rahul Gandhi down the stage. The organizers then clarified to him that this was not a political event and that the Congress in the name of the event was not in any way related to his political party.

Some of the Indian tech journalists who were present at the event though didn’t miss an opportunity to get some sound bites from Rahul.

Journalist : So Rahul any thoughts on  Whatsapp and the buzz surrounding it ?

Rahul : Whats AAP ? That’s exactly what I want to ask you too. Is AAP a political party or a political movement .We gave them outside support in Delhi and see what they did.

No more questions were asked and all the journalists left immediately

Back home in India, an internal inquiry has found that this visit was a brainchild of the Congress spokesman Ganjay Jha who thought this would give Mr Gandhi an international exposure . Mr. Jha could not be immediately reached for comments.