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Rahul faces major embarrassment, fined for travelling without ticket

30, Apr 2015 By bademiandeewane

Rahul Gandhi‘s recent attempt to woo ‘Aam Admi’ by travelling in the general coach of a train doesn’t seem to pay him off well. Starting a fresh innings after coming back from the US, the scion of Gandhi Parivar again created an embarrassing situation for himself when he was caught travelling without a ticket by the TTE. Oblivious to the fact that a ticket is required to do a legal train journey, Rahul had to pay the price for his ignorance.

This happened while he was busy enjoying cool wind coming from the window and giving autographs to the fellow travelers and the TTE arrived for the routine check. When asked for the ticket, Rahul could only come up with few marbles and Superman stickers from his pocket and the dutiful TTE didn’t fail to collect the fine from him.

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi after being fined by the TTE

Furious with the incident, Congress high command hit out at Modi government for targeting Rahul. Terming it as a conspiracy against Rahul, Rajeev Shukla said, “Rahul Ji is is working for farmers and has brought the truth of BJP government in front of public. Modi govt. is trying to defame him and is creating such controversies unnecessarily. If Soniya Ji and Robert Vadra can travel without paying toll taxes, why can’t Rahul travel without a train ticket? It’s his prerogative too. He urged media not to get distracted and focus on major events happening around such as IPL.”

Sanjay Jha too was all praise for Rahul and called his heroics a kind of ‘Civil Disobedience’ against the anti-farmer, anti-poor Modi Government. “Rahul Ji is following Gandhiji’s path,” he said.

He also gave arguments to support the fact that how such steps could bring ‘Women Empowerment’ and justice to the farmers.

On the other hand, BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj claimed that Rahul had boarded the train after having beef and asked Rail administration and passengers to stay alert as it might cause severe mishappenings in future. Sakshi Maharaj was recently in the news for holding Rahul responsible for Nepal earthquakes and had linked the quakes with him eating beef.

Disappointed with the setback, Rahul has decided to take another break from the politics and is all set to leave for US for a 15 days’ crash course on personality development.