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Rahul eats a Mango to prove he is an Aam Aadmi

29, Apr 2015 By shridhar

After traveling in passenger class in train and walking through the hills to Kedarnath, Rahul Gandhi continued with this PR stunt. This time he ate an Alfonso to prove that he really is an Aam Aadmi. Media was quick to pick this news up and all the news channels covered this for 24 hours continuously.

“Eating Mango in Aam Aaadmi style makes You Feel Aam Aadmi From Within!”

Mani Shankar Aiyar even penned an article, “Rahul is back with a Bango” in NDTV. On news hour Arnab had a 10 member panel to give a 360 degree analysis of how RaGa eating an Alfonso will impact the nation. Sanjay Jha who was one of the panelists said “Mangoes will become popular in India because people of India now know that Rahulji likes them. This will be a boon to the Mango farmers of India”.

Congress has also planned to release a video of Rahul eating mango in slow motion. Pretty much on the lines of Katrina’s Slice add.  With this video they want to woo the young girls. Sachin Pilot said, “This video will prove that Rahul can be an Aam Aadmi and still look hot”.

Talking to the media Rahul Gandhi said, “All these farmers suicides are due to this Suit Boot Ki Sarkar. They want to take away the land from all these farmers. This is dictatorship by your PM”. We asked him around 1,50,000 farmers had committed suicide during the congress 10 year rule, why no action was taken or why Rahul did not feel any remorse at that time. Rahul and his party members left the place accusing us of being paid journalists and that we were not secular.