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Rahul drinks a lot of milk, that makes him feel sleepy: Sonia Gandhi

09, Jul 2014 By ajeeb

Rahul Gandhi developing Ideas
Rahul Gandhi developing Ideas.

Today during a debate over price rise in the parliament congress vice president Rahul Gandhi surprisingly posed another topic of debate over his leadership qualities by sleeping for an appreciable period of time during the discussion.

The congress is claiming this matter to be logically illicit for a debate. But their president Sonia Gandhi came forward and had a chat with FN, “He is my kid and a mother knows their kids better than anybody, it’s an undeniable fact. He is very fond of milk, today he has taken it too much that made him feel sleepy during the debate,” said Sonia Gandhi.

Meanwhile when Mr. Rahul Gandhi was approached and questioned about his nap and yawning in the parliament he said, “I was not sleeping, Visionary Ideas come in dreams to great persons like me and I am a man with a vision. I was correlating Inflation and women empowerment.”