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Rahul Baba’s toy-room to be re-designed on “farmer-hut” theme, to match his latest passions

01, May 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: Congress vice-president and leader-from-the-front Rahul Gandhi is apparently getting his whole bungalow re-designed with emphasis on “themed” interiors. Special focus would be given to his Toy-room where the designers would aim to provide a “farmer-hut” theme with plastic toy-replicas of coal based stove, broken cot, scorched earth tiles, jammed chimney and few other pertinent items specifically designed to re-create the rural ambiance. Possibility of live models being used as artistic objects in the house is also not being ruled out.

Superstar interior designer Mandakini “Mandy” Mankotia who is leading the bungalow makeover efforts wrote the following on her Fashion Blog “MakeOutWithYourHouse[dot]com”:

Venturing his new bedroom
Stepping into his new Bed (Toy) room

“When Rahul baba declined to sleep in any place other than in a farmer’s hut then a very worried Digvijay ji approached our firm. He wanted us to design a place which is safe, air-conditioned and full of royal luxury yet give-out a very rustic, poor and wretched rural ambiance. He also told us about baba’s latest love for farmers and their huts. That’s all we needed. I immediately sent a team of designers to various villages across India to do an initial research of rural ambiance and collect data points.” – Mandy wrote.

She further talked about specific rooms in the new “farmer-palace” –

“Our special focus area would be a toy room because Rahul baba spends bulk of his time in this room. Toy-room will have all kind of small and big toys based on our observations of rural ambiance. One corner of the room will have big buffalo models made up from glue bonded charcoal with 2 wax status of farmers tending to them. On the other end of the room we will have special scorched tiles with wax statue of a farmer and bull giving a feel of farmer happily tilling his lands.

At the center of the room we initially planned to have wax statues of two farmers crying over their destroyed crops but later rejected that idea as it radiates negative energies. Instead of that there is a revolutionary idea which we are implementing in this farmer-palace which we have never done before. A theatre actor disguised as a farmer will be sitting 24 x 7 in the middle of the room sipping “hukka”, showcasing the joys of relaxed village life. Digvijay ji is liking our ideas until now but he is more eager to see us executing these themes at the earliest.” – Mandy Concluded.

Although there are no clear timelines around when would this whole house make-over be completed, it is being rumored that following Rahul baba’s footsteps many other senior politicians and celebrities are now moving towards theme-based interiors. While Laalu is contemplating vast-grassland themed interiors, Kejriwal has ordered for a more theatrical “dharna” based wallpapers and sofa-sets. Digvijay Singh would however opt for exact replica of Rahul baba’s house, so that when baba visits his house for playing board-games in the evening he does not feel out of place.