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Rahul Baba is back with Tang: Digvijay Singh

17, Apr 2015 By chakram

New Delhi: Congress party made official statement about Rahul Baba’s come back. Reporters asked Digg ki jay Singh that “what made him come back?” Inspiration behind this can help Virat Kohli too.

Rahul Gandhi
Baba is Back

On this development, senior spokesperson of the Congress party said, “see, Rahul Baba was here only, you people didn’t see him because of lack of knowledge. Mentally he was present but physically he went to visit Hogwarts University but within 1 month only he realised that Jadoo is not cup of congress tea. So while visiting Himalaya he drank Tang of orange flavour. Tang not just helped him to run but he ran so fast that the travel which could have consumed 8 months, he completed it within 1 month only, he traveled every city and village of India. I can say that Rahul Baba is Back with Tang”!

While reacting on this, general manager of Tang said, “We are very happy that our drink helped Rahul Baba to come back. We are in process of making him as our brand ambassador and will offer the amount which can help Congress party to buy Tang for future reference.”

KRK put his take on the entire issue and said, “!#%@#%#%$%%$%@%, @#$%$#%$%@#, @#$%#$%” . (One of the reporter fainted and admitted in Lilavati Hospital. Arrival Bachhan paid hospital charges).

SRK said, “If he would have tried to drink frooti, he might have won Olympics. Nevertheless, I am not allowed to come in stadium”

Dipeeka Kadukone: “I urge women to drink Tang and show empowerment. We can drink Tang before marriages, after all”.

Homi Adjania: (Fainted)

Rahul Baba: “I will continue to find Inner peace”.

Soniya Gandhi: “Dekho tum log mere munne ke pichhe kyo pade ho, usne to munni ko badnam bhi nahi kiya”.

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