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Questionnaire to define if aadmi is AAM enough for AAP

10, Jan 2014 By thepelicanclub

At the time when Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is experiencing massive popularity among the urban population and every “socially conscious” celebrity/lawyer/activists/corporate honcho etc. etc. worth its salt is beelining to join AAP, the old timers at the party have decided to constitute a questionnaire to re-define Aam Aadmi that is fit to be a member of AAP.

Inspiring many.
“We want only chhote log to join our party.”

Sources close to the party shared the following questionnaire which of course is a draft and will be adopted after conducting a referendum across the UN constituents:

1. Are you from IIT/IIM/AIIMS (Y/N)?  If Y- you are AAM AADMI

2. Have you won any major UN award?   If Y- you are AAM AADMI

3. Have you held executive position at a corporate and are not involved in any harassment or insider trading?  If Y- you are AAM AADMI

4. Are you a former news editor that does not have openly stated political leanings?  If Y- you are AAM AADMI

5. Are you a lawyer and reported as “senior lawyer” in media?  If Y- you are AAM AADMI

6. Are you a classic dancer and part time activist? If Y- you are AAM AADMI

7. Are you a sacked leader from rival political party? If Y- you are AAM AADMI

8. Are you considered an aviation pioneer who sold loss making airline to another loss making airline ending up as bankrupt airline and thousands of unpaid staff? If Y- you are AAM AADMI

9. Are you a one hit wonder singer from where indian middle class goes to celebrate new year? If Y- you are AAM AADMI.

10. Do more people remeber your name than those who remember names of last year’s Big Boss, Roadies and Indian Idol combined? If Y- you are AAM AADMI

11. Are you secular as defined by “paid media”? (question pending “paid media secular definition”)