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Qissa Chaabi kaa

19, May 2015 By frustmanoos

New Delhi: The Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, Mr. Ajeeb Rang found himself in a difficult situation today morning. Upon reaching office, he discovered that this office had been locked from the outside. The LG, promptly called up the Home Minister, Mr. Jallad Singh, who had himself been locked out of his office.

Mr. Singh, was overheard yelling at his officers to open the door of his office immediately. Thereafter, the LG called up the state Home Minister,

Ye Chabiyaan sirf BJP ki hi ho sakti hai, kyunki ye aapas mein mili hui hai ji!
Ye Chabiyaan sirf BJP ki hi ho sakti hai, kyunki ye aapas mein mili hui hai ji!

Mr. Siren Kaju, who informed the LG with deep regret that the keys to his office were also missing. Mr. Kaju also informed the LG that he had had to spend the last night outside his home as someone had run away with his home keys as well. Several other Union ministers, including Tulsi Japani, Varun Rotli and others were seen working beneath a tent that had been constructed out of one of Tulsi Japani’s saarees.

Several important Delhi government officers also vouched for the fact that they had been locked out of their offices and were having to work from public toilets, bus stops and Cafe Coffee Day outlets as they could not trace their keys. Our reporter also spoke to some Aam Aadmis and Aurats of the capital and was shocked to find that 73.67% of the people that he met had either been locked out of their houses or offices.

Clearly, the national capital is in the midst of a massive lock-out campaign. At his Dharna rally, the Chief minister of Delhi, the messiah of the downtrodden, the Dharnakumar, the Yugpurush was spotted waving a bunch of keys and saying… “Bhaiyon… Hamare khilaaf saazish rachi jaa rahi thi….Lekin huumne in bhrashtachaariyon ko maat de di… Naa rahega office, naa rahega bhrashtaachaar… Aaj Dilli ke saare officers apne office se baahar hain… Isiliye aaj no rishwat… hence aaj se no bhrashtaachar. Ye hua naa krantikaari idea.” On being asked why some of Delhi’s Aam Aadmis had been locked out, the Mufflerman said, “Ye sab Bhaajpaa se mile hue hainji… Ye toh Lodi se poochein inki chaabiyaan kahan hain… Kahin inki chaabiyan China le kar to nahin chale gaye Lodiji?

In the meanwhile, Abdul Key makers reported 600% increase in business over yesterday. On being asked how he felt about all this… Abdul, with a beaming smile said “Acche din aa gayein hain”