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Public wants Kejriwal to finish six months in power to see if he loses the muffler

10, Feb 2014 By Delusional Desi

In an opinion poll conducted by the bureau of statistics (BS), a majority of India’s population wants AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal to complete at least six months in public office. The major reason cited for this is people want to witness if Mr. Kejriwal will remove his muffler once summer hits.

There have been rumours in the media that Kejriwal is possibly hiding something sinister beneath the muffler. At times when he is seen without the muffler, he is seen to be donning a Nehru-cap. The general suspicion is that there is something shocking beneath this all, a la Donald Trump.

Kejriwal has been facing staunch criticism from all around. Arnab Goswami has openly challenged him to reveal what he is hiding.

“Mr. Kejriwal! What is beneath your muffler? The nation wants to know!”

So far, Arvind Kejriwal has thwarted the reports by saying he is suffering from a severe cough, and needs to keep warm. Only time will tell.