Friday, 20th April, 2018

Pseudo-Secularism is a drug and most Indian political parties are lethally addicted to it: WHO

09, Aug 2014 By simplydimply

New York. It’s potent, lethal, addictive and catastrophic. Pseudo-secularism is a drug and bears all aforesaid characteristics. Worse, most indian political parties are addicted to it. World health organisation’s recent research bring’s forth this unsavory fact.

“Our scientists have studied the effects of pseudo secular tendencies on a nation’s health. The results are an eye opener. It is now confirmed that it is a highly addictive and habit forming drug which impacts the entire system of a particular nation. The worst affected region at hands of this drug is India. It is beyond any stretch of imagination the harm this drug has inflicted on that nation. It single-handedly has destroyed the potential that India once reflected. Political parties who run on bulldozing doses of this drug show the perfect symptoms of minority appeasement and neglect of national interest. The euphoria of en block voting by minorities which this drug results in is irresistible. Under the garb of pseudo secularism even most heinous crimes of treachery are neglected and most corrupt alliances are formed for protection of pseudo secular notions. You can get away with anything behind the hijab of this drug. Even political parties which are formed for fighting evil are engulfed by this evil. Our suggestion to India is that they must discard this drug for once and all,” mr Sanity Rules ( chief drugs controller)WHO told faking news.

However, despite WHO recommendations the political parties addicted to this drug may not be willing to let go this nation threatening addiction as almost all of their future survival depends on pseudo secular and appeasement politics.