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Provoked by Dalai Lama's Arunachal Visit, China to answer by inviting Hafiz Saeed as Chief Guest in Tibet

11, Apr 2017 By Rahul Sharma

Dalai Lama’s recent visit to the disputed region of Tawang has sparkled intense anger in Beijing. Chinese officials have now decided to answer “blows with blows” by inviting renowned social worker Hafiz Saeed to Tibet, the region for which the Dalai Lama demands freedom.

We have to see how Pakistan reacts
We have to see how Pakistan reacts

Chinese state-controlled newspaper Global Times published an editorial article describing India as a “much weaker player playing with fire”, warning that “India will suffer greatly if New Delhi keeps indulging in China’s core interests”.

“With a GDP several times bigger than India’s, military strong enough to defeat any Asian country, and many beautiful women that all look the same, will Beijing loose out to New Delhi if a conflict breaks out?”, article claimed.

It also described Indian food as “tasteless” and “soulless”. Arguing that a nation’s vital element of strength is its food, it said Indian food “will remain boring and animal-less”.

Describing Pakistan as an “all weather friend”, it praised Hafiz Saeed’s social work in Mumbai and expressed admiration for his ideology.

“Work carried out by Mr. Saeed is adorable. Its an inspiration for the youth in Pakistan. We are delighted to invite him at the heart of Tibet”, it said.

A Tibet official, speaking with Faking News, described Saeed’s visit a “milestone in China-Pak relations”. He claimed Dalai Lama’s actions as ‘disastrous and terrorizing’, and that Mr. Lama should learn a thing or two from Mr. Saeed.