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Protests erupt across India after Modi's govt bans Deer meat, which is high source of proteins

06, Apr 2015 By manithan

New Delhi: Protests have erupted across India after the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party led government has banned deer meat for consumption. This has been dubbed as an attack on the poor who hunt and consume them. This has also been seen as an attack on minorities, as a minority group of people consume it across the country.

As per directive from Supreme Court, Modi’s government has been known for its anti-minority stance ever since it assumed its power last May. Even with much opposition from animal right activists that ‘forcing people to not eat the animals they want’ is fascism, BJP government passed ban on Venison, aka, Deer meat. Anyone possessing deer meat will be fined 5 lakh rupees and jailed for minimum 5 years. This ban will be effective from April 1 across India.

Salman Khan
Salman Khan wants black buck hunting made legal, as those bucks will anyway die. Hence hunting them is better than letting them die skinny. He felt that he is targeted, being from minority.

This ban has drawn criticism from all quarters. Citing deer meat as the best source for proteins, a vegan from Mumbai, said, “Deer meats are an excellent source of protein. Not only that, they contain more iron than beef, full of Vitamin B. Also, they can help prevent heart attacks and strokes. They can also help fight against cancer. With government going strong on deer meat, they are preventing a rich source of cheap proteins for poor populace. I’m a vegan but I firmly believe that government should not interfere in the dietary habits of our citizens. By banning meat of particular animal, they are doing ‘food fascism’.”

Another animal right activist from Delhi , said, “How can government not allow people to slaughter animals for eating? Do you think we are fools to be animal rights activists? An animal has every right to end up in my food plate. How can this fascist government prevent and stifle the animal rights? Man is also an animal. Can’t he have rights to kill any animals he wishes and eat? At least, people will nourish these animals for slaughter. What will happen if we ban such meats? They will be skinny and left to die in roads. Do you know that deers come out from forest and roam in roads for food? That is the biggest sin!!”