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Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Axe Boat Party?

28, Apr 2014 By puravansh

Massive manhunt launched by CBI to locate Prime Minister Manmohan singh has failed. CBI filed a closure report in Supreme Court today. Baffled by this development, apex court ordered the formation of a SIT under former Media Advisor to PM Mr. Sanjay Baru. Sanjay Baru started his search by summoning 10 race course road residents.

In a dramatic turn of events last month, India lost contact with Mr. Singh on the night congress launched its election campaign. People are stunned with this development and are questioning that how in this age of GPS and MMS, a person can suddenly vanish.

Manmohan Singh
MMS before leaving.

Search for Mr. Singh has stretched from Thailand and Malaysia to southern Indian Ocean. US Satellite spotted a bluish object in southern Indian Ocean yesterday which is speculated to be Mr. Singh’s Turban. Ever since the discovery, conspiracy theories of his being on an Axe Boat Party in southern Indian Ocean are doing rounds. Sanjay Baru has confirmed that Mr. Singh bought a bottle of Axe just before the Start of the election campaign and sent a SMS on the number flashed on TV screens. “He was a little upset with the mumma comment in Axe Ads and wanted to show the power of Mumma loving Indian Men,” Baru added.

Baru has said that India will send its MIG 21 and recently repaired INS Sindhuratna Ship in search of Mr. Singh. “We are self-sufficient to find our PM” added Baru. Pakistan’s generous offer of its Navy Ships to help in search operation was vehemently declined by SIT. “We are capable of repairing our ships,” said Baru.

When asked to comment on this development, Rahul Gandhi said “We need to empower our Women to stop these kinds of Boat Parties”. Kejriwal lashed out at Modi for not lashing out at Congress on this issue. Mulayam Singh defended the PM by saying “ Itni Umar mein galtiyaan ho jaati hain , maaf kar dena chahiye.