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Price of Crocodile Tears skyrockets after AAP rally farmer suicide

24, Apr 2015 By shridhar

New Delhi. Common man of India has been suffering from double digit inflation when it comes to household items. Now there is another commodity that has gone out of his buying reach. Crocodile tears price has shot up by 10 times after a farmer committed suicide in AAP rally. The prices are so high that only rich people and politicians are able to afford it. We spoke to members of different political parties.

Aam Aadmi Ashutosh, the latest buyer of the expensive commodity, Crocodile Tears
Aam Aadmi Ashutosh, the latest buyer of the expensive commodity, Crocodile Tears !

Bankaiah Naidu of BJP said, “We are in the power now, whenever such incidents happen we are expected to shed a lot of crocodile tears. We had a stock pile of it but this particular suicide by the farmer is such a big event that we ran out of stock. So we have bought from wholesale market and distributed among various state leaders and also central leaders. Now they will shed so much of it that we might end up solving water problems in many areas.”

Mani Digvijay Scindia of congress said, “Rahulji needed huge amount of Crocodile tears. After his 57 day vacation he is too calm and relaxed. Once you are in that state of mind its hard to shed even Crocodile tears. So we have made sure if a lot of it gets wasted we wont run out of stock.”

AAP spokes person Aam Hashmi said, “All these corrupt politicians have bought huge stock pile of Corcodile tears and the prices have gone so high that we can’t afford it anymore. How will common man buy Crocodile tears now. We are doing a fund raising so that we can buy Crocodile tears. Also we are organizing dharna to protest against the rise in Crocodile prices.”

Socialite Cobra De tweeted, “What an atrocity ? A layman can’t afford a fabricated wailing anymore in this country”. Meanwhile a lot of farmers are contemplating on quitting agriculture and are planning to raise Crocodiles. They are banking on the fact that thousands of farmers commit suicide every year. They are hoping that a few more farmers will take the bold step of committing suicide on the camera. This will at least bring them out of poverty and they can afford to have a decent life.