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President rejects the mercy petition filed by his son against the family hang-out

26, Feb 2013 By manithan

Ajibhit had called for press meeting yesterday to express his anguish over the rejection of his petition by his father Praban. It all started like this. Ajibhit’s son had planned to drive their car for a hangout. When Ajibhit came to know of this plan, he had started from ‘threatening him to drop the plan’ to ‘begging to think of another plan’. Depressed by his son’s staunch stance, he had tried to reach his father but failed to contact him. And as he knew the best way to reach his father is by mercy petition, he had sent a petition to his father requesting him to challenge the hangout of his son. But that please-see petition was rejected by the President and Ajibhit’s son had left for hangout in the high speed car.

People feel this hangout has more headcount than a Google Hangout. And, this picture has no relevance to the news content!

In the press meet, Ajibhit was heard saying ,”Do you know that my son had already escaped from death in previous car accident. This car was then dented and painted in a service station. Now he is traveling at jet speeds in my dented and painted car. I worry about his fate now.”

The word ‘dented and painted’ angered several car service technicians, car owners and their cars too. And the people who felt offended went to the person whom they knew would quench their anger. It was not the Don or  Swami, but Arban boSwami.

After the press meet, Ajibhit was directed to the Nimes Tow studio that night where Arban and six other gagged people were sitting in a panel. Arban had asked him “By Dented and painted cars, would you please clarify what does Dented and Painted mean?”, for which Ajibhit replied, “I have reversed my car. I tender apology for my car-troversial comment.” Arban and Ajibhit were seen repeating the same question and answer, when the security officer had opened the newsroom the next day morning.

Meanwhile, sources close to the president had reported that the petition did came to his desk. But when he scanned the petitions, the words mercy and hang caught his eyes and he had applied the ‘Rejected’ seal in it along with his signature.