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Prashant Bhushan takes tuition from Digvijay Singh

11, Jan 2014 By iyerman

In an exclusive interview to Faking News, Prashant Bushan admitted that he has been secretly taking tuition from none other than Digvijay Singh on public speaking.

Modern Dronacharya.
Modern Dronacharya.

This comes after he was questioned on several intelligent remarks that he has been making one after the other on Aam Aadmi Party’s behest. The classes are being held at hotel Aman which is the new hang out spot for the Congress and AAP leaders. Bhushan is however a bit worried about the examination at the end of the classes. The examination is to be conducted by none other than the former HRD minister, Kapil Sibal.

Bhushan clarified that the idea was given to him by Yogendra Yadav, who actually had masterminded Diggu’s elevation in congress, while he was acting as an advisor to Rahul G, said that he could see the same potential in Prashant to be a Diggu.

Bhushan said,”I am thrilled and honored that Diggu ji accepted me as his disciple. I will be soon unleashing an array of praises on Arvind, just like Diggu ji does on Rahul G”. On being asked about his pounding on BJP, Bhushan said,”I dont need tuition for that. I closely follow NDTV”.  The biggest challenge though for Bhushan is to go on Times Now Super-Spectacular Prime Time against the one and only Arnab G and talk 15 words without being interrupted. The last time someone achieved this fete was when Arnab G yawned on during one of his shows.

BJP’s Arun Ji was quick to point out that this confirms match fixing between AAP and the Congress. He said, “This shows the amalgamation of the inter collaboration between the two nondescript parties who will be sitting in the opposition post 2014 general elections”.

Off the record, he admitted that BJP missed an opportunity in match fixing at the first place. He said that BJP is going to send an offer to cricketer/dancer Sreeshant to join BJP and strengthen its fixing bench. Sources say that Arun Ji is working closely with N.Srinivasan for bringing Sreeshant on board. Digvijay Singh was quoted saying, “Sab Rahul G ki maya hai”.

The Aam Aadmi Party was not available for its comments. However sources(Ashutosh) say that the AAP think tank is considering asking Prashant Bhushan to go on a Maun Vrat Aandolan, which would boost their chances in the upcoming Loksabha polls. Prashant Bhushan on being asked why he chose to reveal this now, said that he had direct orders from the headquarters.