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Prashant Bhushan breaks away from AAP, launches National Referendum Party

14, Jan 2014 By Bakasur

Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal addressing the media gathering after Prashant Bhushan split

In a shocking development, activist-lawyer turned politician Prashant Bhushan resigned from the Aam Aadmi Party this morning. Our sources inside the AAP inner circle have confirmed the news. The move has been attributed to refusal by AAP leader Kejriwal to implement one-referendum-a-day policy proposed by Prashant Bhushan.

Here is how the nail-biting drama unfolded:

6:00 PM – Prashant Bhushan proposes the one-referendum-a-day policy during the evening lok sabha of AAP volunteers

7:00 PM – CM Kejriwal voices his opposition to the frequency of referendums and proposes a referendum to ascertain the same

8:30 PM – Prashant Bhushan welcomes the chief minister’s proposed referendum, however opposes the text and tone used to describe the purpose of the referendum and proposes that a referendum should be held to decide the words and tone of the referendum to ascertain the frequency of the referendums in the proposed policy

9:30 PM – AAP leadership convenes to take stock of the escalating situation at a secret location

12:30 AM – AAP spokesperson Kumar Wishwash emerges from the balcony of the secret location to address the hoards of AAP supporters gathered outside and composes an instant verse to ask people their opinion. The other AAP spokesperson Shazia Ilmi at this point raises objection to the spot referendum saying it would be unfair to people who are not there and resting in DTC bus night shelters

12:35 AM – IITian volunteers called to pull an all-nighter and develop an app to make the referendum all inclusive

12:40 AM – Mobile App, webapp,  sms portal, facebook page, twitter handle deployed for the spot referendum. IITians for AAP volunteers heard talking about the complex and challenging nature of the problem and wondering what the solution could be?

1:00 AM – Referendum on

5:00 AM – Results start pouring in

6:00 AM – AAP spokesperson Kumar Wishwash emerges from the balcony announces that over 98% of the respondents have chosen “yes” over “no”

6:15 AM – Prashant Bhushan refuses to accept both the methodology and interpretation of the spot referendum, Kejriwal says it is Prashant Bhushan’s personal opinion and not a party stand

6:30 AM – Prashant Bhushan resigns from all party posts and launches National Referendum Party, says, it has always been his personal opinion that the opinion of the masses should be considered in all policy and day-to-day governance issues and that his party would be a reflection of that opinion

In developments later today, Prashant Bhushan announced referendum on whether activist Anna Hazare should go on an indefinite fast until a referendum is announced to ascertain the validity of referendum held by AAP earlier.

Anna Hazare denied any knowledge of any referendums on his imminent fast saying, “These people are going to get me killed. Last time I went for a fast, Kejriwal sneaked in some vada pav but before I could even have it, Prashant Bhushan proposes a referendum on whether I should eat it. And while we were deliberating on the referendum, he ate the entire vada pav himself. I almost died that night.”