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Pranab Da to turn "Hanging Consultant"

17, Feb 2013 By ashwinkumar

New Delhi. President Pranab Mukherjee has been offered a new role of a “Hanging Consultant” by the International Court of Justice. There were supposedly impresses by his skills of ensuring justice in such a speedy manner.

There is, though, a catch to this offer. As President of India, he is not allowed to occupy any other office of profit. He is reportedly consulting legal experts on how to sort out this issue.

Pranab Pratibha
Pranab Da was happy after meeting Pratibha Tai

Rashtrapati Bhavan sources have indicated that Pranab Da is also taking the help of his predecessor, Smt. Pratibha Patil in this regard and she has given him a wonderful suggestion. Pratibha Tai has clarified that the office of profit rules apply only within India. She has advised him to perform his ‘consulting’ duties during his foreign trips!

With some amount of meticulous planning, an Indian President can travel and cover 30-40 countries a year, Partibha Patil is reported to have told Pranab Da. She even offered to act as Pranab Da’s “travel-consultant” for this adventurous venture.

In return, Pratibha Tai has asked to be allowed to accompany him in each of Pranab Da’s foreign trips.

Pranab Da is reportedly looking forward to this exciting phase that has propped up in his presidency and is looking forward to hang as many people as possible.

Pratibha Patil was not available for comment as she was busy packing her bags.