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Pradhanmantri Jan-Selfie Yojana to be launched

12, May 2015 By gabbuji

Today Hon. Prime Minister of India has announced Pradhan-Mantri Jan-Selfie Yojana on the occasion of Bharatiya Selfie divas from the Red Fort. Aligning with his election joomla of Sabka sath, Sabka Vikas, He said – Sabke Sath, Sabki Selfie is very much needed for younger generation. With this announcement, He got tremendous response among the selfie-takers and selfie-product creators. Their is new wave of enthusiasm. People have gone crazy as they were feeling that Government only launches schemes/subsidies for undeserving poor people and farmers. Political Analyst and News Anchors on major news channels are claiming that this Yojana would take Modi’s popularity to new height.

PM Modi promoting Selfie and Groupfie for Pradhan Mantri Jan Selfie Yojana
PM Modi promoting Selfie and Groupfie for Pradhan Mantri Jan Selfie Yojana

Our PM didn’t miss the this chance to attribute this great idea to his dear Mitra Barack Bhai, as he has this idea when he took Selfie at an event with Barack. Mr Barack also responded  with congratulating our PM and said that he would launch similar Yojana in United states. Also he would lobby for launching world selfie day. Our reporter got very important News bytes that our PM’s birthday will be chosen for it.

This Yojana will have special subsidy for buying selfie phones and Selfie sticks. It will also have Selfie accidental and life insurance after taking into account the accidents happening while people taking selfies. But people would need to pay just Rs. 1000 annually to get benefit of insurance scheme. Government is also launching a portal so that people can post their selfies. To promote this scheme, a weekly selfie winner would get chance to click the Selfie with PM. People are double excited as Selfie winners would get free foreign tours on government expenses as most of the our PM is on foreign tours.

In addition to this, PM wants industry to develop various Selfie products such as Selfie shampoo, Selfie hair oil, Selfie-vehicles under government’s Make In India scheme. Industry reports says that it will take GDP growth double digit and create huge number of jobs in all the sectors. Products created under Selfie -Yojana would get tax subsidies.

Congress party has criticized Prime Minister saying this scheme was in fact idea of Mr Manmohan Singh which they tried constituted bill- “Right To Selfie Act” under guidance of hon. Soniyaji and Rahulji. They also claimed that bill could not go through due to BJP‘s opposition. They are feel cheated now. Delhi CM has launched Mukhyamantri AAP Sting Yojana for AAP supporters in Delhi.