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"Power-Tea" is just a state of mind: Rahul Gandhi

06, Aug 2013 By Amit Bhagat

Rahul Gandhi
It is these cups of Power-Tea that keeps Rahul from falling asleep while listening to Dr Manmohan Singh.

After a long time finally the wait is over. Rahul Gandhi breaks the silence and speaks out of his mindless. Rahul Gandhi revealed his health tips to the nation. He described, he thinks (by saying this, it is understood he can think) that Power-Tea is just a state of mind and no energy drink can boost up your thinking capacity. He further claimed that he is the living example of the same.

“Rahul Ji believes in natural thinking power” Digvijay Singh praised while covering his face with hanky.

Unconfirmed sources confirm that the Power-Tea was recommended to Rahul by Momma but she warned him to speak about it in public. But Rahul Gandhi couldn’t resist himself by saying because Digvijay Singh was not there. While talking to the Faking News Correspondent Sonia Ji proudly said, “So the nation understood the reason behind Momma’s decision about Rahul, not to speak in public”. Sonia Ji further added, “By using Power-Tea now we don’t have need other Congress persons’ dumb statements to make Rahul looked so intelligent.

Rahul Gandhi is confidently stuck to his statement and he believes that one day he will make public realized that The Power-Tea is just a state of mind, not reality.