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Power cuts in summers in UP a part of our campaign Yuva Josh: Akhilesh Yadav

12, May 2015 By gaathi

It was a once in a life time opportunity to catch Akhilesh Yadav cycling along the proposed Metro line being laid in Lucknow. When our reporter saw him, he couldn’t resist asking some questions. Here are some excerpts from ‘Bike the Talk’ with Akhilesh Yadav.

Reporter: How come the Chief Minister of the state is on a cycle that too on a road which is so congested and clogged up these days?

AY: Netaji, who also happens to be my Pitaji, has asked me to start putting the Cycle on road to success. This (pointing towards metro line under construction), I think is the only road which can lead us to success.

Putting the Cycle on road to success
Putting the Cycle on road to success

Reporter: Talking about your preparation for elections, you have already started the radio campaign with Yuva Soch-Yuva Josh. What are the points in your favour?

AY: Well I think we are the only government in this country which has actually worked out the election promises. Others claim it too but we are the actual promise keepers. We started with distributing laptops.

Reporter (interrupting in between):‘The laptops sir, many students complained, didn’t work as they didn’t have the proper configuration.

AY: Here is how you media people mislead masses. Did we ever promised any configuration in any of our rallies or manifesto. We just promised them to give them laptops and it was Netaji’s magnanimity that he told us to give bags too along with the laptop. So even if the laptops aren’t working, you can see many students travelling with those bags stuffed with there clothes. At least the bags are of strong material, but you media guys will highlight only the uselessness of the laptops.

Reporter: Ok, our bad! But what are you planning to distribute this time?

AY: This time, Netaji says, that the students which got laptop must be in college. So we are planning to give them hard disks where they can store their… You know, ‘Stuff”

Reporter: You are planning to equip the students with all kinds of electronic gadgets but what do you have to say about the frequent power cuts in the state, and that too in the summers?

AY: As you know Netaji is a former wrestler and as a wrestler he believes in learning it the hard way. So as we want the youth of Uttar Pradesh to become as tough at as Netaji, it is very important to teach them how to tolerate heat. Hence, the power cuts in Uttar Pradesh are actually to make the youth much stronger. It is a part of our campaign Yuva Josh.

Reporter: That’s quite smart of you. And as we are now approaching towards the end of your road to success, I would like you to comment on the law and order situation in the Uttar Pradesh

AY: The number of crimes happening in state are minimal… (As he says so, a man on motor bike snatches a woman’s chain behind him.) The police here is courteous and honest… (A traffic police constable bangs his lathi on a tempo and takes 10 rupees from him.) And people are living in a peaceful environment. (A group of men vandalize a tea shop and a beats up the chaiwala, creating a ruckus and huge jam on the highway.)

The chief minister sits in his car waiting for him at Amausi and drives back towards the city while the reporter struggles to find his way back due to the jam and violence on the road.

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