Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

Post retirement plan - Top secret leak from Congress headquarters

10, Dec 2013 By nveerama

Given the talks around what Sachin could be doing post retirement, post the state elections, looks like Congress HQ is abuzz with discussions/offers on post-retirement plans.

This is a Faking News Expose for the Aam Aadmi:

Manmohan Singh – Brand ambassador for Thomas Cook, for being the most extensive traveller amongst PMs. For gender equality, Meira Kumar or Pratibha Patil can also be considered. Looks like MMS can also be the best for Centerfresh chewing gum and last but not the least, Fevicol ka jod !!

Sonia Gandhi – Brand ambassador for Blackberry, for her secret trips outside india and nothing has leaked about it till now. Even Obama endorses Blackberry.

Rahul Gandhi – Brand ambassador for “Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan”, given the now evident shortcomings and absolute necessity for education. Though this is not-for-profit, whole students merchandise is up for grabs. Way to go pappu !!

Kapil Sibal – Brand ambassador for Bausch & Lamb or Lawrence & Mayo, for finding things that are not evident for others. Like the “0” theory for 2G? Diggy can be a competitor here for his vision to link RSS/BJP for everything happening in the country. Run fast dude to stay in competition

Digvijay Singh – A reality show challenging Nirmal baba’s Third eye, as Diggy knows the invisible links of RSS haath where normal beings see nothing. But Diggy will be a sickular baba.