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Post Holi, politicians to show their true colors

18, Mar 2014 By Raunak Ramteke

The leading Indian politicians, who are fighting for the PM’s seat, are all set to showcase their true colors, post Holi. This will be done keeping the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections in mind. The main motto behind this, is to increase their share of votes.

Narendra Modi : Mr. Modi will go back to his roots. He will start selling tea, again and he would close down all the coffee outlets. Instead, he will open authentic tea outlets, which would be selling different types of tea. An outlet named CCD – Chai pe Charcha Day would be opened, which will have Hindutva Tea as its USP. Hindutva Tea would be an orange colored tea, which will be served in a Lotus shaped cup. CCD would first try to make a strong impression in Gujrat and then it would open its branches in the rest of the country. Mr. Modi says that this would MODIfy the image of tea in India.

Kejriwal Modi Rahul
True colours?

Arvind Kejriwal : Mr. Kejriwal is all set to open an IIT-JEE coaching institute. This institute will only teach the students who belong to the middle class. The fees for the institute would be very minimal. The only way to pay the fees would be through online transaction. Before teaching the syllabus, the students here would be taught about how to give their exams, without cheating and indulging in malpractices. And in case they find anyone cheating in their exam hall, there would be a helpline number, on which they would be able to inform about such wrong activities. Mr. Kejriwal has decided to name his coaching institute as AAP – Aam Aadmi ki Padhai.

Rahul Gandhi : Mrs. Sonia Gandhi will be readmitting Mr. Rahul Gandhi to school, so that he could clear all his backlog papers, which are still pending. These include, Mathematics, History, Civics and Geography. Mrs. Gandhi has decided to do this, so that Rahul could lead by example and show some progress. Rahul Gandhi instantly accepted what his mother said, but he had a condition. He wants to go in an all girls school, so that while studying, he can also contribute to women empowerment.

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